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Our physiological need for food is evident, but we frequently don’t spend enough time thinking about what we put into our bodies and how varied eating patterns affect the rest of our lives. In today’s post, I’d want to discuss with you my approach to dieting, explain why it’s essential, and finally provide you with practical techniques I use to improve my eating habits and, most importantly, stick to them.

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Our bodies must eat in order to survive. It is basically the building material we provide for our physical existence in order for it to continue to exist. If you choose poor quality materials, the structure will be flimsy and weak. Instead, feed high-quality material, and it will grow stronger, more resilient, and able to handle much greater weight.




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Let’s build your healthy lifestyle, manage your weight, and better diet together.

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My professional and social lives leave me with little “me” time! Because my life had been so hectic for a few years, I hadn’t put much effort into choosing healthy eating and exercise choices. Then, in 2014, as I approached my 30th birthday and had officially entered the obese category, I set a goal of dropping 30 pounds before my birthday. I exceeded my target with the assistance of Eathealthyisgood. I shed 55 pounds last year, achieved a healthy, “normal” BMI for my height, and have managed to keep the weight off for over 6 months.

I am a 50-year-old single mother of a 16-year-old son. I’ve been the fattest kid in 2nd grade my whole life. As I approached my 49th birthday in January 2013, I reasoned that it was now or never if I wanted to be skinny. I thought I’d tried everything.

Chris Powell’s Facebook page introduced me to Eathealthyisgood. I’m concentrating hard on my next Eathealthyisgood target of 177 by 06/24, as well as a personal goal of 172 by 07/04/14–that’s 100 pounds. On my Facebook page, I’m counting down from one to one. I enjoy Eathealthyisgood because, unlike Weight Watchers, it offers you a final weigh-in date and a figure you must accomplish by that day. Small objectives are a fantastic idea.

When I signed up for a free 5k in my region, I began my weight-loss adventure. I’d never been a runner, but I knew I needed to make some lifestyle adjustments if I wanted to become in shape. While training for the event, I shed ten pounds. I tried calculating Weight Watchers points, but it just led to me making point-based decisions, not healthy ones. I grew fascinated with food point values rather than the nutrients it provided.

I needed a little additional encouragement to keep up with my good practices and achieve my objectives. I’d heard of Eathealthyisgood and wanted to give it a try. I thrive under pressure and under deadlines. I definitely work harder when the time is ticking.

Eat Healthy is Good’s, has honestly been my life saver! Weighing my heaviest at 255lbs to now weighing 186lbs is unbelievable over 6 months. My complete lifestyle changes were losing weight, working out, and eating healthy. I haven’t met all my goals yet, but I’m indeed on my way. The amount of information and assistance they give here is incredible! This place is aware of all aspects of health and nutrition, and they have very effective programs in weight loss and diet, all the healthy lifestyles you need. I would not choose any other place. Thank you, Eat Healthy is Good’s, for making me feel better.

I have lost a total of 50 lbs with this page. My experience has been great and a blessing. It was hard for me to lose weight until now. My eating habits have changed; I have increased my exercise habits and feel more confident. They gave me knowledgeable handouts about food choices, diet, exercise, and what I needed to do to succeed.

Thank you, Eat Healthy is Good. My journey has not stopped, so we will continue until I reach my goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Diet programs often say you should eat more slowly. Does this really help with weight loss?

According to research, eating slowly does not help people consume less food. “It’s worth a shot, though, to slow down and tune in to understanding when the meal has filled you – especially if you’re a rapid eater,”

How do I figure out how many calories I should be eating?

If you’re in good health and exercise moderately two or three days a week, you can calculate your calorie intake by multiplying your ideal body weight (IBW) by 14.

Why is it harder to lose weight each time you gain it back?

“Because no matter how you lose weight — whether by eating, exercise, or a mix of the two — you will definitely lose some muscle, which slows down your basal metabolic rate,” notes Jackie Newgent, R.D., a nutrition consultant in New York City. Strength training using weights throughout your weight reduction phase can help you keep a lot of it off, but not all of it. “Then, when you restore the weight, you’ll most likely gain more fat than muscle, lowering your proportion of lean body mass and leaving you with a slower metabolism than before the weight reduction.”

Whenever I change my diet, I'm consumed by cravings. How do I make them stop?

“Any dietary modification that restricts calories or familiar foods will certainly leave you open to cravings, frequently for whatever is ‘off limits.’ It’s simply human nature “Jenna A. Bell Wilson, Ph.D., R.D., explains However, you have two options.

I can lose weight in the summer, but I regain it in the fall. Help!

To get back on track, consider why you lost the weight in the first place. “Whatever worked for you at the time will probably work for you now,” says Jenna A. Bell Wilson, Ph.D., R.D. If you utilized meal replacements, try them again, replacing portion-controlled shakes or frozen meals for one meal a day rather than two, as suggested for weight reduction.

I always consume fewer than 1,500 calories a day, and I still can't lose weight. Help!

For at least a week, keep a complete food journal. “Most of us underestimate how many calories we consume, so you may be eating more than you think,” explains Cynthia Sass, R.D., coauthor of Your Diet Is Driving Me Crazy (Marlowe & Company, 2004). If the calorie count is right, the incorrect workout routine may be to fault. “If you’re not strength training while dieting, you may lose lean tissue, which lowers your metabolic rate,” Sass adds.

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